Snack Food

AIPU FOOD’s caramel color, hydrolyzed vegetable protein compound powder/liquid (HVP Compound), soy sauce powder, disodium succinate and ethyl maltol can be applied to snack foods as required.

* Caramel color in snack foods
Caramel color is an ideal colorant for cocoa products, chocolates, and sweets, providing candies an attractive and uniform brownish color during industrial manufacturing.

* Hydrolyzed vegetable protein compound powder/liquid (HVP Compound) in snack foods

HVP Compound can enhance the salty and roasted flavor of snack seasonings. Typical applications include puffed foods, chips, nuts, and candied fruit.

* Soy sauce powder in snack foods
Soy sauce powder serves as a kind of base powder for snack seasonings. It can enhance the salty and umami taste in snack foods. Typical applications include chips, puffed foods, nuts, etc.

* Disodium succinate in snack foods
According to China’s national food safety standard, GB 2760 Standard for Use of Food Additives, disodium succinate can be added in seasonings. Thus, customers may use disodium succinate in snack foods via spice blends and savory powders. Please check Seasonings for more information. 

* Ethyl maltol in snack foods
Ethyl maltol is a food-grade flavor enhancer. It can effectively emphasize the original flavor note of a variety of snack foods such as confectionary, fruit products, nuts and puffed foods.


Chocolate, candy, jelly, candied fruit, dried fruit, nuts, puffed foods, potato chips, tortilla chips, etc. 

Applications Specification

Product Recommendations

Product Appearance: Caramel color liquid (E150a).

Color Range: Golden - Dark brown.

Specification: Color intensity (Typical) (610nm): 0.055

Product Feature: Plain caramel, low sulfite.

Application: Widely used in sauces, semisolid compound seasonings, syrup, milk drink, brandy, whisky, rum, cookies, condiments, cocoa/chocolate and instant coffee because of its brilliant color strength.

Product Appearance: Caramel color powder (E150a).

Color Range: Golden - Dark brown.

Specification: Color intensity (Typical) (610nm): 0.100

Product Feature: Plain caramel.

Application: Widely used in baked goods, soy sauce powder, compound seasonings, various dry mixes and other uses where powder caramel color (Class I) is desirable.

Product Appearance: Caramel color liquid (E150c).

Color Range: Brown - Dark brown.

Specification: Color intensity (Typical) (610nm): 0.120

Product Feature: Suitable for various applications.

Application: With a positive colloidal charge, widely used in sauces and compound seasoning sauces because of its excellent color strength.

Product Appearance: Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Compound Powder.
Color Range: Yellow - Brown.
Product Feature: Roast chicken flavor.
Application: Widely used in chicken powder, chicken gravies, sausages, seasoning rice, chicken soups and snacks to enhance the flavor and umami taste.

Product Appearance: Soy sauce powder.

Color Range: Light brown.

Product Feature: Classical/best-selling product, classical flavor.

Application: Widely used in dry seasoning blends, snacks, meat products, soups and marinades to enhance the flavor and umami taste.

Product Appearance: Colorless to white crystal or powder

Product Feature: Enhance the umami taste of food products.

Application: Disodium succinate can be used with a wide range of ingredients and cooking methods to boost the flavor of all kinds of dishes. It is compatible with all kinds of seasonings and savory flavors.

Product Appearance: Crystalline powder.

Color Range: White.

Product Feature: Presenting a characteristic odor and a sweet, fruitlike flavor in dilute solution.

Application: Ethyl Maltol is widely applied in food, meat products, beverage, wine, tobacco, cosmetics to enhance pleasant flavor.